Why does a DJ charge more for a wedding?

So you've called to hire a DJ before or at least gotten pricing. You called for a wedding DJ and suddenly it seems like the price is so much higher, why?

You may think that wedding DJ's are price gouging, but in all honesty, a wedding is so much more work than your average event. The average event takes little planning so the client is paying for equipment rental, talent, transportation and setup.

Here are some additional costs involved in a wedding;

High Liability. A wedding is a high liability event because it's not a "Do-Over" type of event. It must be done correctly, the first time.

More equipment to rent. More than likely, you're getting more than one audio system because a wedding has three parts. The ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception must all have music, the main event system in the reception room. The ceremony must have a microphone or more so everyone will hear your vows. The reception will likely have speeches so the entertainer will need a microphone and so will the guest speaker. Having only one microphone hinders the flow of the evening as the single microphone is passed back and forth.

Lighting. If you hire We Go Entertainment, we are going to suggest lighting design. There is nothing more beautiful than to walk into a beautifully decorated room with lighting to enhance the look. Static colors are usually used for ambiance and formal introductions. After dinner, multi colored beams of light will fill the room to excite and entertain those who want to dance. Lighting brings out emotion in the music we play.

Administrative time. The average wedding DJ will spend much more time planning a wedding. Your emcee (MC) will rehearse the pronunciation of names before everyone will hear it. Customized music play lists must be prepared so everything is ready on que.

Event Day. Weddings have a timeline that must be catered to. It is important to plan the flow of the events so the evening runs seamlessly. Your entertainment staff will also be in touch with the banquet manager to make sure everything is done in sync during the event. Imagine a champagne toast announced with no champagne already served?

The list goes on depending on your choices, but these are just some of the extra things that must be done differently from a standard party. There is a reason that weddings should be planned far in advance.

I hope this blog was helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding your wedding planning, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call here at We Go Entertainment. We'd love to help you plan your perfect wedding.

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