Why hiring a "Wedding DJ" is Important for your Wedding!

A DJ, is a DJ. Not really. There are all different types of DJ's. Radio personalities, club DJ, mobile DJ, corporate DJ, and more. None of these are ready to handle a wedding. A wedding takes a combination of talents and tasks come fast and furious at times. The club DJ, plays the same type of music all night long. The radio personality can speak eloquently, but most go by a song selection prepared for them by a station music director. The mobile DJ is used to playing a variety of songs at events and probably your best bet, in a pinch, but may not sound good during introductions and keeping your guests attention while using the microphone.

Only the "Wedding DJ" will have the music variety, speak clearly on the mic, while commanding attention and being humorous. The wedding DJ knows the flow of a wedding, what's involved in the event, and must be in constant communication with the venue staff to make things happen on time. This DJ performs on cue. Wedding DJ's may be higher priced, but keep in mind the reasons for this. When considering your wedding budget, remember the ole saying, "you get what you pay for." Lastly, when it comes to the reception party, this DJ must get, and keep, people on the dance floor!

We can save money and hire someone we know! I know it would be nice to hire your best friends cousin to DJ at your wedding. It would make your best friend feel like he/she contributed to your happiness and their cousin will surely give you a great price!

Not so fast! The problem is, the cousin DJ likes a certain type of music and likely doesn't subscribe to a professional music service. You're running a risk of limiting the wedding reception. Here's how...

Typical wedding guests are from all walks of life, experience, and age groups. While some like current Top 40 songs, others like Country, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock and more. Wedding DJ's have a specific formula to please wedding reception guests. The music must be played in variety, different tempos, and decades and this DJ must know how to read the crowd and know exactly what songs to play, and more importantly, when.

The Hip-Hop music that is available to the general public is laced with explicit lyrics. Consider if that may offend a parent who's child is nearby, someone religious, or fuel someones argument who just doesn't like hip-hop music. We Go Entertainment subscribes to professional music services so we get the same broadcast safe music you hear on the radio. These services are costly and a bedroom DJ will probably not have the same songs, or enough of them. Further, we have decades of it.

We are prepared. This is no "fly by" event, it has to be PERFECT! The Wedding DJ will walk into a wedding reception with thousands of songs, prepared to play for everyone. There is a way to play music and keep the dance floor packed the entire time and we have that formula! We have prepared for this day since we spoke the first time. This is the reason you hire a "professional Wedding DJ."

For more information about booking your date, contact us today!

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While you wait, someone else is reserving your date!

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