How do you tell everyone you're engaged?

Congratulations on your wedding engagement!! Now you want to tell the world don't you. While you're excited about the news you have to share on social media, make sure you tell your immediate family and besties first. They don't want to find out about it on a post or from someone else that found your #newlyengaged or #imgettingmarried. Waiting a couple of days to post it is acceptable.

When you do post, what should you tell everyone?

If you don't mention it, everyone will want to know how the proposal happened so give them a short story. Let's make it special and keep it classy. Here's how...

1) Bring everyone to the setting. Picture where it happened, the temperature, the sounds around you. Describe the where you were so your readers can experience it the same way.

2) Describe the feelings you had just before and after the proposal.

3) Pick a few choice words from the proposal that will bring out the feelings you experienced.

4) Keep it classy. Don't bring the amount of carats into the story. They'll see the picture of the ring. Remember, this is about sharing the experience.

5) Finally, keep the story brief.

Sharing your proposal can be an amazing experience for your readers if you tell your story the right way. Are you ready? Get your thoughts together and make it fun.

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