Getting engaged? Here are some interesting facts.

The findings of a recent survey, of wedding couples, revealed some interesting facts about couples who got engaged. The most popular day of the entire year is listed below. Can you guess what that day is?

A. Roughly 40% of all engagements happened between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.

Are you planning on popping the question?

Do you think someone will ask you?

Whichever the case is, we have the list of the most popular dates couples chose.

B. The top ten dates couples got engaged are listed here. More than 15% of couples got engaged on one of these ten days.

1. December 17th - The Saturday before Christmas Eve

2. December 10th - two Saturday's before Christmas Eve

3. December 23rd

4. Christmas Eve - December 24th

5. Christmas Day - December 25th

6. New Years Eve - December 31st

7. New Years Day - January 1st

8. February 13th - The day before Valentine's Day

9. February 14th - Valentine's Day

10. Independence Day - July 4th

C. The majority of same-sex couples exchanged two rings for engagement.

D. Opposite sex engagements exchanged one ring 91% of the time.

E. Couples that hired a photographer to capture the engagement - 12%

F. Out of ten engagements, six occurred during the month of December.

G. Proposers that spent two months salary on the engagement ring - 36%

H. Couples that picked out their engagement ring together - 42%

I. Couples that tried on the engagement ring(s) prior to the engagement - 58%

J. Couples that asked their parents permission rose this year to 70%.

K. The average engagement ring cost was $5,000.

L. Couples that are engaged for an average of thirteen months - Approximately 40%

M. Couples that announce their engagement on social media - 64%

N. Couples that invite friends and/or family to witness and celebrate the engagement - 25%

O. Couples that plan an engagement party - 25%

So, did you guess what the most popular day that couples got engaged was? Yes, you guessed it, Christmas Day was the number one day that couples got engaged!

Did you know that engagement parties are becoming more popular?

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