What is up-lighting? Why for my wedding?

Let's talk about up-lighting. The first time I heard the term I was like "what the heck is that...?" If you're feeling that way, you're not alone!

Up-lighting is better known as architectural lighting and it's simply a light that sits on the

ground that illuminates upward to illuminate whatever is above it. It is a form of lighting design and can drastically change the mood of the room it is being used in. There are different types of light fixtures that can be used as up-lighting. The traditional par can with incandescent lights are still used today because with a sheet of gelatin (colored transparent plastic) they can create beautiful colors. The only problems with this type of lighting is that, since they have a standard high wattage bulb, they create a lot of heat. Because they are set around the room most entertainment companies are getting away from them to avoid injuries.

Most up-lighting is currently LED (light emitting diode) which saves energy and emits

very little heat. These became popular because they can create static colors (one solid color) or with a combination of red, green and blue LED's can create a multitude of colors when the lights are mixed. The first generations of LED lighting weren't theatrical rated or FLICKER FREE. LED lights pulse on and off while they are illuminated. The brighter the setting the less flickering there is. Herein lies the problem with cheaper lighting... If they aren't theatrical rated or FLICKER FREE when they are on your naked eye cannot see the flickering pulses but a camera can.

I did a wedding recently for a bride who wanted up-lighting. I offered her our up-lighting package and her final decision was to take the up-lighting package offered by her venue because it saved her money. What she didn't know was that the venue purchased cheaper up-lighting and WAS NOT FLICKER FREE. During the wedding reception, I spoke to her photographer who was complaining about the photos she was trying to take. The bride's theme was sunset orange and so her up-lighting was orange to create the sunset color around the room. Her photographer showed me the pictures that she took and the lighting looked like red stripes going up the wall. Her photographs weren't able to capture the sunset theme the bride paid for. She was frustrated and I'm sure the bride was when she saw the photographs.

We Go Entertainment, Inc. up-lighting is theatrical rated and thus FLICKER FREE.

We have the latest lighting technology so when you ask for sunset orange, your photographs will be sunset orange. Our lighting is battery operated so we can place them anywhere without limitation of power outlets. Our lighting is also wireless & computer controlled for precise color matching of your choice. We have 16.7 million color possibilities to get it just right. We Go Entertainment strives to keep the newest equipment in service because of reliability and technological advantages. Our success has always been in treating each wedding as if it were our own. We keep our performances beyond reproach and our clients deserve nothing but the best!

DJ Mykal

Would you like more information about up-lighting for your south Florida wedding, or other event? Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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