10 ways to save money on your wedding!

Here are 10 cleaver ways to save money on your wedding that most people don't think about.

1. Don't get married on a Saturday.

Most venues book Saturday as a first choice and some will give you discounted rates to book on a different, non-traditional, day. If you must have your wedding on a Saturday, consider an early wedding that will give your guests time to rest in from their busy week but not late enough for your reception to end during the evening.

2. Reserve a venue that gives you the option of hiring outside vendors.

The one stop shop is not always the best way to save money, although it may be convenient. You can find reliable vendors that will provide you with taste samples for food and cakes, entertainment that can explain what they offer during their presentations and decorators. Word of mouth is an excellent form of advertisement and online reviews can back their opinions. Many of these vendors may not has as much overhead to run their business and may provide you with equal or improved quality service for less money.

3. Beware of the weekend warrior.

While shopping for vendors, some businesses are run by "weekend warriors" that actually have other jobs during the week. While some may be reliable, beware of the ones that aren't. Reserving your date with anyone that isn't equip to handle your wedding properly, insured to protect you and/or doesn't provide you with a written guarantee of service may cost you more in the long run. Find someone who maintains a reputable business with proper licensing. They're the ones that have a reputation at stake.

4. Rent a house for your wedding.

Some home owners in the middle of a sale with vacant property may be interested in renting their home for your wedding. A large home can provide lodging, beautiful views and an adequate facility to host your wedding at a reduced cost. You can start your search with a realtor that has access to sales and rental listings in your area.

5. Host your reception at your favorite restaurant.

If you are happy with the atmosphere and how good the food is, part of your hunt is over. You maybe able to rent part or all of the restaurant for your evening. Some restaurants have private rooms and will cater your event.

6. Fake your wedding cake or don't have one at all.

Some bakers can create a single layered cake for your to cut during your reception. The lower layers can be decorated board made to look like a cake. This will allow you to have a cake cutting ceremony during the reception and basic sheet cakes can be kept in the kitchen and cut for your guests. Another option is not to have a cake at all. If you must have a desert, arrange a table with assorted candies on display fro your guests to enjoy.

7. Bridesmaids can carry props instead of flowers.

If your wedding has a theme, consider saving money on bouquets for your bridal party. Your bridesmaids can carry something that represents your theme instead or even something as delicate as a candle. Flowers can be very expensive in quantity. Another consideration is fake flowers or a single flower.

8. Plan on looking for sales events.

Many vendors have sales events to boost sales during slow or off seasons. Place yourself on mailing lists for your favorite vendors and save, save, save!

9. "Something borrowed"

if you'd like to save money on your wedding dress, consider a dress that has been worn previously by someone dear to you. Not only may it flatter them for you to ask but it will extend the person value of that particular dress. If you don't have this option, consider a dress that wasn't designed to be a wedding dress or a previously owned dress that someone sold or is selling.

10. Vintage wedding decor

Old doors, windows and furniture can be beautiful decor if used correctly. Many of these items can be found in garage sales and flea markets or clearance sales. Mason jars can make a perfect table center piece with candles and beads in them.

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