I want the best DJ Equipment.

Does the best equipment make or break a DJ? I'm sure you'll get various opinions about this topic but I'll quickly touch on a few things and you can make up your own mind.

Different types of equipment offer different performance enhancements. I'll give you an example of what I mean. If you went to buy a new car and one costed $15,000 and another was $115,000 you would understand that the more expensive car might have a smooth and more quiet ride, would be much more efficient when you push the accelerator and handle better. To answer your telephone would be as easy as to depress a button on your steering wheel without having to look for it. You'd speak into the quiet interior and the other party wouldn't know you were in the car. Just the same, you could reasonably expect the less expensive car would probably have more road noise so you wouldn't enjoy the radio as much and to speak to someone approaching the passenger side of the car you might even have to reach across the car to manually roll down the window. Answering your phone would mean having to reach onto your seat to pick it up and hold it to your ear while you drive. DJ equipment is much the same in performance as well as price. While both get you from point a to b, the expedition is different and so you understand, there is DJ equipment and then there is professional DJ equipment.

Entry level DJ's usually have entry level equipment. While music will pass through the sound system and they'll be able to play songs, the hardware isn't built the same, thus the cost is different. New inexpensive DJ equipment can cost as little as $750 and will be loud enough to play a small house party without stressing the equipment too badly.

Professional DJ equipment can reach into the hundreds of thousands, depending on how large of an audience you'd like to play to and what they've come to expect in a show. It is built with better interior components so the audio is clean, punchy and compressed. The performance upgrades that the pro system has will allow the DJ to, while playing the songs that are popular to you, to create new music on the fly and your event will have a it's own unique style of music.

But, does better equipment mean you have the best DJ for your event...? Maybe not.

Let's go back to the car example for a moment... Let's assume a world class formula one race car driver like Mario Andretti took the wheel of the inexpensive car we described above and raced a newly licensed driver who drove the formula one race car. Is it safe to say that Mario Andretti would win the race with experience? So, the real question here is, do you want your wedding / event DJ to be the more experienced DJ with mediocre equipment or the mediocre DJ with premiere equipment?

At the end of the day, you need to interview the DJ you hire for your wedding or event. You want reliable equipment that looks nice but at the same time you want an experienced DJ. When you interview your DJ, ask them to show you their equipment setup the way it will look at your event. More importantly, ask them how much experience they have doing the type of event you're having. Have a wonderful party!

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