Wedding DJ prices, "How much do you charge?"

We Go Entertainment, Inc. is based in West Palm Beach, FL. yet we travel to most locations throughout south Florida including, but not limited to, greater Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Wherever we go, when people inquire about our services, the first question we usually hear is "how much do you charge?"

While I understand that everyone has a budget to consider, that question cannot be answered until I know more about what the clients needs are. It's much the same as walking into a realtor's office and asking how much a house is without giving a location, home size and explaining your needs. There are many things to consider when planning a wedding with a DJ.

In the service industry, time and labor are factored into costs. A venue location on the first floor with close access to the parking lot would cost less than a high rise with a top floor ballroom. I love explain my experience with a particular south Florida venue. My only access was through the service entrance which was in the rear of the venue and already full of other vendor vehicles for the several events that were planned that day. Unable to get close to the entrance door I had to park a distance away to begin work and avoid delay. I loaded my cart and walked into the building, along an approximately 75 yard long hallway, navigating around carts that hotel employees left in the way. I finally arrived at the service elevator and had to wait several minutes for it to arrive because someone else used it on a different level. Once upstairs, I had to pull the equipment around several turns in the back hallway until I finally arrived at the ballroom. For that particular wedding, After I unloaded my cart I went back to wait for the down elevator and I only had four more trips to go with more equipment. As you can imagine, this setup was more time consuming than an easy access venue.

Another consideration is how long will you need service? Some wedding couples only need the reception time while others want music for a cocktail hour music and a ceremony. The music for the ceremony is typically played while your guests are arriving and waiting for the actual ceremony to begin. If each of these events are in a separate room, you'll have to consider that extra equipment rental costs are involved as well as labor to set it up so it doesn't clash with decor and it's safe to be near. It takes time to have a setup with wires hidden and it's essential for the professional look your photos will have if the DJ is in the background.

So now we are onto the reception. What would you like your room to look like? You may have already booked your venue and everything about it was lovely and price was acceptable but maybe you aren't crazy about the carpet or drapes. There is a way to change the entire ambiance of the room with lighting design. The walls can be decorated in color with projected gobo patterns. Up lighting (read more on up-lighting) can make a drastic change and the lighting can be programmed to color match your wedding theme, A projected name monogram looks elegant as your guests walk into your reception room and see your names on the dance floor in light. When you are finally introduced to the room as the newly married couple, would you like to walk in under a beautiful white spotlight?

As you can probably surmise, wedding DJ service planning is not as simple as "How much do you charge?". The good news is, We Go Entertainment, Inc. is committed to helping couples achieve their perfect wedding day. We are committed to our clients from start to finish and we offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to couples planning a wedding, with no obligation to purchase a thing. We understand that no two weddings are alike so a custom package can be created just for you.

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