Saving money using Up-Lighting

So, you want your wedding reception room to look beautiful and colorful. Here is a crash course on up-lighting and how you can save money. Many venues, DJ's and lighting companies charge extra to decorate your room with up-lighting. More specifically, many charge for each light that you need in order to fill and/or highlight the room. Several manufacturers of up-lighting make diffusion filters that are used for several different types of lighting fixtures. These filters are used for lighting correction, LED enhancement, color mixing and softening. The diffusion filter is used to fragment the light passing through it so there is a softer, wider dispersion of light and the results are plainly noticeable. For illustration I have added two photos to this article. Using one LED light fixture, without moving it or changing settings I took two photos. One photo has a diffusion filter and the other photo does not. How does it save money? Instead of projecting a beam of light on one small area, a single light covers a wider area so you will need fewer lights to fill the room. It also improves the lighting in those areas by eliminating something light techs call "LED Shadowing". Notice, the photo without the filter has a bright spot of light on the ceiling and with the filtered lens that is eliminated. Your room will look beautiful, the lighting will be distributed evenly and it will cost you less. Ask your up-lighting vendor if they use diffusion filters.

For more information, contact DJ Frankie Valentine at or call toll free (844) 855-WeGo.

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