Wedding reception money best spent

I have spoken to so many brides throughout the years and while everyone wants the perfect wedding of their dreams, budget is always a concern. I started to really consider what makes the perfect wedding. Of course everyone's thoughts and dreams are different but there are just a few key things that make the majority of those attending a wedding remember that specific wedding. What I have

discovered, and/or if you were to ask brides from all over and different ages, what they remembered most about their wedding or a wedding they attended what you'll get answers to most are likely the venue, the food and the entertainment.

As everyone arrives for a wedding the venue is the first thing they see. Attendees approach and look from the outside and as they enter your wedding reception room their first impression is your beautifully decorated room. While they are inside they'll most likely be fed by the caterer of your choice so the food needs to be great.

The last impression is the entertainment. Let me repeat that, the last impression is the entertainment...

I'm not going to tell you that chair upgrades, linen colors and center piece flowers aren't important because that is how every bride pictures their wedding. Just consider that while attendees are at a wedding, the entertainer will make several announcements to organize the wedding. After all, the loudest voice in the room is the person with the microphone. Your entertainment will provide music, engage your guests with interactive entertainment and they'll say good bye to your guests and thank those that attended.

As important as that involvement is, when you're ready to hire your entertainment make sure you budget enough to hire the right entertainment. I'm not telling you that if you spend the most your entertainment will be the best. I am saying, in life you get what you pay for.

Don't just hire a DJ, hire a professional.

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