What's your dream wedding?

As you view the photos, try to gather ideas of how you'd like to plan your wedding.

What do we need to know when you reserve your date with us?

Just a few simple questions will get us on our way to planning your big day.

Will you need a DJ/MC for only the reception or are you planning a cocktail hour as well?

How about the actual ceremony?  We can play music as your guests arrive.  When it's time for the ceremony, we play the songs you want to walk in to or we can suggest music for you.

Not only can we play music but we will provide microphone(s) so your guests can hear you share your vows and special moments.

We have decades of experience and countless satified clients.

Cocktail music is easy listening background music that your guests can chat over.  We use nothing but professional audio equipment so you can expect a rich clean sound of music.

Our cocktail set-up is small and won't overpower your decor.

We can decorate your ceremony room with lighting.

This brings us to an interesting question that most couples have.




Why does my wedding need lighting...?

Besides decorating your room, lighting in combination with music brings out emotion.  For this reason, every time you see a play, concert, or even a staged show like The Voice or American Idol, you'll always see stage lighting.  


Likewise,  your wedding should have lighting.  

The correct amount of lighting can drastically change the ambiance of your venue and compliment your decor.

Lighting can also give you options such as a spotlighted first dance.

With our We Go Laser Show, we can animate special events, such as the toast with moving champagne glasses. 


The We Go Laser Show is federally licensed and includes a trained laser specialist.  The laser show can be added to any package and is included in our "Maxed Out" lighting package.

A lighted Name Monogram can make any room elegant. Monograms can be projected onto a wall or floor.  Both look beautiful.  Our staff will explain the benefits and advantages of each placement.

Up-Lighting has become very popular for wedding receptions.  An up-light is simply a light that is placed on the floor to project light up.  This light can be programmed to match your decor and/or wedding theme.  The lights are usually used to highlight room features, such as columns. This gives your room a decorative look while giving the room depth and dimension.

Most venues buy and offer inexpensive uplights.  Our uplights are theatrical rated and flicker free.  LED lighting flickers at the rate of electricity cycles.  While you cannot see the light flickering with the naked eye, your photographer(s) may miss a key moment they want to capture because your background lighting is flawed.  It may be because a light in the group is off, because the light illumination changed the photo exposure, or if you have a mixed color the background may be a different color.   For this reason, your lighting must be theatrical rated.  Your expensive wedding photos depend on it!  Let our staff explain this in detail during your free consult.

This is a before & after photo of the same ballroom where lighting was used.

We Go Entertainment is more than just a DJ company.  We do lighting design!  Dare to make your room beautiful with lighting.

Each wedding reserved with us will include a DJ/MC and a certificate of insurance at no additional cost.  If you incorporate lighting design, your lighting technician will be properly trained and licensed to do the specific work you've asked for.  A license and variance (federal authorization) are included in our We Go Laser Show. 

We only bring state of the art sound, video, and lighting.  Here is a glimpse into the Situation Room where the magic happens.

Our DJs attend training conferences around the country to bring you the very best entertainment and equipment.   Yes, every wedding includes backup equipment just in case.  While we have never needed it, throughout decades of performance, our policy is "it's better to have and not need than to need and not have."

Of course, your talent will arrive dressed appropriate for your wedding, whether it be casual, semi-formal, or tuxedo formal.  

Are you ready to learn more?

Contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation to ask any questions you have. Tell us your preferred method of contact, be it a phone call, email or text. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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